Songwriter and producer Alex Sacco of Papa Ya will be in residence at the School of Music and Dance on March 1-3. Alex will work with eighteen students individually, helping to produce and finish songs they have written and recorded. He will also give two public lectures:

Anatomy of a Pop Song – Thursday, March 2nd, 2-2:50pm, Room 173 Music

In this lecture, Alex will open up one of his songs in a DAW displayed on a projector screen and provide a ‘walkthrough,’ discussing how it was written and produced, talking about musical influences and compositional processes, listening to individual tracks within the project, examining choices of plugins, etc.

Music and Viral Marketing (SOMD Professional Development Series Lecture) – Friday, March 3rd, 2-2:50pm, Room 163 Music

In this lecture, Alex will discuss strategies for successfully marketing self-released music as an independent artist. Although the lecture will focus on Alex’s experience in the field of popular music, musicians of all genres can gain valuable insights.

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